Turn Data Into Business Predictions By Adding Machine Learning Capabilities To Your Database

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Why MindsDB?

No matter the size of your company, data science is expensive and slow. With MindsDB your existing developers can solve most applied Machine Learning problems in your organization with ease.

What is MindsDB?

MindsDB is an automated and explainable machine learning tool that translates ideas into machine learning code to provide business insights.

Regardless of the tech skills, your data team can develop in-house cost-effective machine learning models to get the insights needed to validate your business theories using the available data, right where the data lives in the database.

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Why MindsDB?

Easy to use

MindsDB requires minimum knowledge to deliver predictions. No advanced technical skills are needed.


MindsDB delivers the promise of Machine Learning with less operational, overhead and tech costs at a fast pace.

Privacy Centric

Connect to your data wherever it lives. Run mdb.ai on your servers or the cloud ensuring privacy, and that only you have access to your data.

How it works?

MindsDB connects directly to your database or BI tool to provide predictions as columns in your existing tables. The Enterprise edition of MindsDB speeds the time to implementation with the help of our MLDevOps that will provide full support at each step of the flow.

We aim to continue to foster a community where every developer, regardless of experience level, feels welcomed and supported.



MindsDB  shares the logic behind the predictions: the how and why it reached its conclusions via its intuitive User Interface. Apply with confidence the learnings in real-life scenarios as informed business decisions.

AI Tables

MindsDB helps to bring state-of-the-art machine learning as close as possible to where the data lives: production databases. AI Tables deliver the predictions straight in the database as a simple table.


MindsDB allows users to perform Machine Learning in one line of code or one (SQL) query. The sophisticated AutoML algorithms run in the background so you can get accurate results.
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The benefits of going Pro

What are the differences between MindsDB Open Source and MindsDB Enterprise?

Value Feature

MindsDB Open Source

MindsDB Enterprise



Data size capacity

8 GB

1 TB

Devs per server



ML DevOps



Model auto train on data changes





GitHub Community

Dedicated engineer

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Developers not Data Scientists

The average size of a data science team is 4, costing upwards of $560k a year. Not only that but finding one with domain knowledge of your industry is almost impossible.

With MindsDB your existing developers can complete machine learning tasks such as predictive analytics without the need for a data scientist or ML expert, much more quickly and cost effectively.

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Why MindsDB

Develop faster

We aim to continue to foster a community where every developer, regardless of experience level, feels welcomed and supported.


MindsDB understands that for you to trust its predictions, it’s helpful to understand why and how it’s come to its conclusions so our platform explains why and how it’s reached its conclusions.


MindsDB is so easy to use that anyone with a question, regardless of technical ability, can access MindsDB, input the data they want to forecast, and let MindsDB take it from there.


MindsDB gives you the flexibility to control access to your data and provides you with self-service security controls that ensure that your data is accessible to only those who need access to it.

Industry Spotlight: Healthcare

See how Automated Machine Learning can bring positive impacts on the healthcare insurance industry. With the right analytics tool that provides the correct predictions, you can turn data into life-saving decisions.

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