User Question: Contributing to MindsDB
Jorge Torres
A user wants to know who they should speak to if they want to contribute code to MindsDB.

Jorge Torres

August 24, 2020

Jorge Torres is the Co-founder & CTO of MindsDB. He is also a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley researching machine learning automation and explainability. Prior to founding MindsDB, he worked for a number of data-intensive start-ups, most recently working with Aneesh Chopra (the first CTO in the US government) building data systems that analyze billions of patients records and lead to highest savings for millions of patients. He started his work on scaling solutions using machine learning in early 2008 while working as first full time engineer at Couchsurfing where he helped grow the company from a few thousand users to a few million. Jorge had degrees in electrical engineering & computer science, including a masters degree in computer systems (with a focus on applied Machine Learning) from the Australian National University.

User Question: Who can I speak with if I want to contribute to MindsDB?

We are a small team so you can speak to anyone who’s contributed to MindsDB.. We’ve created a set of guidelines that detail how you can contribute to MindsDB. These guidelines also guide you through the things that we are currently working on so that you can see where you might be able to add the most value. You can also go through our open issues or create a pull request. So the precise answer is that speaking to any of the people who’ve contributed to our Github repo or any of the engineers who work at MindsDB or going ahead and making a pull request directly would be the easiest ways to make specific code contributions. You can also contact us if you have direct questions about contributing.