Applied Machine Learning for Healthcare

Applied Machine Learning is an intelligent solution for Healthcare to make correct predictions and include predictive analytics in business decisions. However, running a Machine Learning project is expensive and requires time and resources. Enter MindsDB, a tool that only requires the data and an idea to inform your most important business decisions in the most crucial departments, from operational to financial.

With the right analytics tool that provides the correct predictions, data can be turned into cost-effective decisions. Payers can manage claims, detect fraud, predict hospital-acquired infections or readmissions, or use ML to predict the social impact on an individual’s health.

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Use Cases

With MindsDB, you can implement a variety of use cases in just a few minutes. All you need is an idea and data to formulate the predictions. MindsDB does the rest.

Patient Health Outcomes

Predictive modeling helps identify patients at risk for adverse events. MindsDB uses machine learning to empower Payers to predict patient health outcomes before they occur.

Fraudulent Claim Detection

Using MindsDB Payers can detect which claims are most likely to be fraudulent based on certain characteristics and investigate the fraudulent claims accordingly.

Predicting Hospital Readmissions

MindsDB provides the framework needed to predict a patient’s risk for readmission within a 30-day window based on historical data, right where your data lives.

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